Sookie & Bill Forever and other True Blood Concerns

It’s been sixteen hours since I watched the season five finale of True Blood and I can’t erase the image of bloody Bill (“Billith”) rising from a pool of blood. I just can’t. I don’t agree with Bill’s actions, and I certainly am appalled by his descent into madness. I have been rooting for Bill Compton since the beginning of True Blood, where we learned of his tragic past in the desolate South. He was such family man, and most importantly, a really decent vampire boyfriend. How could he be so easily swayed by vampyre religion and extremism?

If you didn’t haven’t been following True Blood this summer, I suggest you catch up. Find a friend with HBO and hijack their television if  that’s what it takes. However, I can provide an expeditious re-cap of season five. Basically, it’s concerned with the beginnings of a civil war between vampires; this pre-war is fueled by the old vampyre bible which states something like..“Screw the humans, we are the superior beings. They are just our juice-boxes, oh, and God is a vampyre.” Russel Edgington is brought back by biblical seductress and underground Sanguinista, Salome, the chancellor is killed by said Russel, Bill and Eric are meanwhile held captive by the Authority even though they brought Russel back (but by this point it is clear that he has been brought back to lead the Sanguinista movement, not to be extinguished by the True Death). Not much is going on the Sookie world; Terry is going through some major issues with his past that involves a curse from an Iraqi woman he was ordered to kill, Lafayette travels to Mexico (I think) to get some closure and instead runs into Jesus’ lunatic grandfather who almost kills him, Alcide is struggling to regain rightful leadership of his wolfpack, there is a small group of vampire/shifter haters who are trying to kill everyone who is not human, and there are some on-going custody issues between Luna, her daughter, and the wolfpack. Okay, so there was a lot else going on in Bon Temps. But since I personally only watch True Blood for vamp action, I wasn’t too invested in all of these subplots. Things get a little bit more hectic when Sookie discovers she was sold off to an ancient vampire named Warlow a few hundred or thousand years ago, but that’s about it.

Ultimately, I was most invested in the Sanguinista movement and the dramatic character shift in Bill and how this illuminated Eric’s good side. At one point of the season, the group of vampires in question drink Lillith (the vampyre god) ‘s blood and go apeshit; they start ravaging on humans and praising Lillith, who has appeared to them as the true god. Eric seems to snap out of it when Godric appears to him and let’s him in on Lillith’s true nature (a psycho god who is just looking for some vampire anarchy). Bill, however, is shown to become truly invested in this religious  epiphany, rather, epiphony. After years of apologizing, self-hatred, and guilt, Bill has finally embraced himself as he is. A blood-sucking vampire.

The season finale makes me sad, and not because a myriad of plots were still left tangled, but because Bill Compton has seemingly turned to the dark side for good. He, believing he was truly “chosen” by Lillith, drinks all of her remaining sacred blood and then becomes what she is: the vampire satan. The God versus Devil, Good versus Bad themed season comes to a close as it depicts the side Bill ultimately chooses. Sookie, who had marched straight up to Bill before he had the chance to drink up, could not even sway him. He swallows the blood, turns into a blood puddle, and then re-emerges as blood-hungry Billith.

Sadly, I don’t think this role can be reversed. Although, who knows, True Blood is famously known for its re-births. I’m sure season six will be all about Billith and his new leadership position. For now, any minute chance that Sookie and Bill could be re-united has been destroyed. And I think it’s only been a couple of weeks since they broke up, so I feel like if Bill really wanted, he could have bought Sookie a nice new sundress or roses. Eric has his strong points too, but Sookie and Bill have always made a such a classic twisted couple. Remember the graveyard scene? Classic Sookie and Bill. Well, that’s over, now that Bill is now the dark lord.


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