I Feel Fancy Tonight: How to Make Brie & Fig Toast Points

It’s not even autumn, yet there be boundless figs. It’s sickening how prepared we are for the upcoming season when it’s still summer, but I like to be dreamy, too. How much would I like to slip on a sweater, brew some tea, and wrap a blanket around my arms? Very much.   This last Friday, my fiance and I made our weekly adventure to the La Mesa farmer’s market, where we tried a fruit that tasted like how a rose smells, bought one of the very last sweet cartons of strawberries, and gave in to a pile of dark figs. We decided to re-create a very ritzy twelve-dollar-a-plate appetizer right in our very home: the brie and fig toast point.

A pound of figs (a carton)
One small wheel of brie cheese
One french baguette (you can buy par-baked if you want)
Juice of one lemon
One cup of white sugar

First of all, purchase dark figs that are soft when you squeeze them. This means they are ripe and sweet. Because you will be making fig jam with them. 

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Cut the figs into small pieces, put them in a non-reactive sauce pot and add the lemon and sugar. Put the stove on medium, and stir occasionally until the liquid evaporates, and then after about a half hour, whisk the soggy figs into a jam.

While the figs are cooking, slice the baguette at an angle, so you get fancy little slices of French baguette. Using a serrated knife helps a ton. Cut about 12-15 pieces. Cut the brie cheese into strips that will easily fit your fancy slices of bread and of course, your fancy. I like using a lot of brie because that is who I am.

Okay. So once the fig jam has been made, set aside into a bowl. Arrange your bread, brie, and fig jam and prepare to make little sandwiches.

Spread the fig jam onto your bread with a spoon, and place the strips of brie on top. Place the figs (which should be on a sheet of some sort) onto the middle rack and leave them in for ten minutes. The brie should be completely melted and the bread should be nice and toasty.

And there you have it. Don’t you feel so fancy that you just can’t bear it?? Now go crunch away and enjoy autumn while it’s not here.

Gina Vaynshteyn


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