5 Literary Halloween Costume Ideas

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Hey guys. It’s almost eleven on a Friday, and I’m sending myself off to bed because I’ve got 9 hours of orientation at UCSD tomorrow starting at 8 a.m. Yikes. I have even packed myself a lunch so I won’t be tempted by the asian seductress called Panda Express. Anyway. That has nothing to do with my post. So I’ve been thinking about Halloween lately, because it’s the most fun holiday ever. At least, it was in college and childhood. It’s so hard to come up with a clever costume, and I always challenge myself each year to see if I can come up with at least ONE good costume. Of course I get lazy, or Halloween falls on a Tuesday, or I just fall asleep and end up putting on some cat ears, a black hoodie, and digesting an entire bowl of mini Almond Joys. But today, I came up with five, and I am determined to use one of them. In my opinion, they’re pretty stellar.

1. Ernest Hemingway. Costume: wool turtleneck sweater, glass of whiskey on ice, Pall Malls/pipe, shotgun

2. Lord Byron. Costume: Red robe, white collared shirt, huge stuffed bear and leash

3. Zombie Juliet. Costume: White face paint, fake blood, renaissance dress, dagger

4. Patrick Bateman. Costume: Suit, expensive-looking shirt, fake blood, chainsaw, business cards

5. Emily Dickinson. Costume: Awkward/vague/aloof demeanor, hair parted down the middle, frock

I wish I came up with this one: 

It’s Sylvia Plath. GENIUS.

What are your ideas??


6 thoughts on “5 Literary Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. A few years ago I threw together a Kilgore Trout costume for a last-minute Halloween party. Hair slicked back, patchy facial hair, an ill-fitting sweater with uneven glasses, and a Comic-Con nametag.

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