Winter Book List

If I’m not reading something, I feel kind of anxious and unproductive. Especially if I’m sitting at the doctor’s office and the only thing I have to read is this month’s issue of Medicine Device & Technology or a 2009 People magazine that exposes Mischa Barton’s undisclosed hospitalization. So yeah, I always have a book  to read. Right now I’m reading my professor’s book of stories, Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen and it is super awesome. Here is my super ambitious reading list for winter. Let’s see how much I actually get through.

1. Grapes of Wrath-Steinbeck (I know! I haven’t read it yet! Who do I think I am???)

2. Play it as it Lays-Didion

3. The Feast of Love: a Novel-Baxter

4. Where’d you go, Bernadette-Maria

5. Gone Girl-Gillian

6. Gurlesque: The New Grrly, Grotesque, Burlesque Poetics-Glenum, Greenberg ( AWESOME does this book sound?)

7. New Shoes on a Dead Horse (poetry)-Sierra DeMulder (this is currently being shipped to me!)

8. I Love You is Back-Derrick Brown (also being shipped to me. come faster, Amazon!!)

Any thoughts? Recommendations? I’d love to hear some.



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