What Happens When Walgreens Destroys Your Roll Of Film

I just discovered Netflix is streaming all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek, but before I start indulging in the best thing to come out of the 90’s (besides Ace of Base, obviously), I’m going to post some photographs I had developed a few days ago. These are some photos taken with a dated professional camera and they were originally meant to be black and white. We took them to Walgreens because of the alluring “1 Hour Photo” campaign. Which, by the way, doesn’t exist anywhere else! Surprisingly. Anyway, true to their word, our film was developed in an hour. And this is what we got:


The iconic BigBoy..straight out of the horror film: BigBoy Seeks Revenge


Straight from the horror film, “Blood Horse”


I was going for fruity and cute, but I guess now it’s just Instagram gone wrong

Lesson learned: never have your black and white film developed at Walgreens. They seemed to have  knowledge of color film down to a tee, though.


The untouched “Gangnam Style” covered by my nephew and his friend

Other news:

My first official article as a HelloGiggles writer went up two days ago. I wrote about my fabulous Russian upbringing, how could I not? Read about my trials and tribulations here.

I’m SUPER excited to be writing for HelloGiggles and for the opportunities it may bring. Viva 2013!


2 thoughts on “What Happens When Walgreens Destroys Your Roll Of Film

  1. Hey, so this may seem a bit weird, but I saw your article about Girls on HelloGiggles (so good by the way) and then came here and have basically deduced that you’re me but just one year ahead of me. I’m applying to MFA programs right now (even looked at SDSU for a quick sec) and kinda wondering what the holy fack was I thinking doing the English/Creative Writing track and how do I even get published when all I do is make lists of all the television shows I need to watch….which brings me to the question, how does one get published by HelloGiggles/anywhere like that. Like did you just send them your stuff and they liked it enough to assign you an article? Also props on your poems. Especially ‘Swim To’—I loved that one. At my school I worked on this web edition of the lit journal Ninth Letter…so wished you submitted some of your work to us because I so would have vouched for it!

  2. Hey! No, not weird at all..I was in the same boat last year after I graduated college and was all, “So, what now!” You can totally get published writing lists of the t.v. shows you need to watch, sites like HelloGiggles love that. So, on getting published by HelloGiggles: I submitted a handful of essays that I wrote for them and they chose a couple after a few months went by. I wrote one about Halloween costume ideas for English majors and then I wrote one about the pangs of majoring in Creative Writing. Apparently, the latter was well-received by people, so a couple months after it was published, I got an e-mail from one of the editors asking me if I wanted to be a regular contributor. So, my advice for you is to just write for everyone, everywhere. Hellogiggles, Thought Catalog, xojane, etc. After awhile, something will click and you’ll be published! I mean, don’t get me wrong..you’ll have to do a lot of writing that might not be accepted anywhere, but it’s all part of the process, I would say. Plus, you get to practice writing.
    And thank you so much! Where did you go to school? And where are you looking to go to grad school?

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