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  1. I’m about to head to college, and I love your blog and all of your work! I’m considering an English major, because it is my true passion, but I’m scared. Everyone says there are no grown up jobs an English degree can get. Do you have any advice?

    • Hey, Emily! First of all, thanks so much for reading my work/blog; I’m glad you enjoy my stuff. Okay, so as far as the outcome of an English degree…if you are passionate about something, you will work things out and make them happen. You probably will never be rich, but there ARE jobs out there for grads with English degrees (teaching, advertising, marketing, editing/publishing, freelance writing) and there’s always the possibility of taking on an office job in order to to pay the bills and then doing what you love on the side. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. And a bachelor’s (whatever it may be in) is always a good thing!

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